Decmber 2020 - WoNoBloG

From straight forward rock we move on to a song that hides many facets of itself in atmosphere and subdued sounds. It may be called Going Surfing, it's not like the singer, nor band, seem to be having a good time. Drawn from memories of a youth spent in a French surfing resort, I can't suppress the impression that the singer did not like it there particularly, singing and writing about surfing this way. The contrast with the late 70s hit 'Windsurfing' could not be much further apart, so to say. If anything, the less is more principle is guiding on this single. The wildest contribution are the little bells that are played. Like a guiding light in a dark night the little bells sound clear in the subdued darkness around it. After a few listening sessions I'm still not certain what to make of the single. On principle this is beautiful music. The way the song is presented is very well done and with a lot of taste. There are a load of beautiful sounds on the song, but is it worthwhile to really invest in? I'm not certain when finishing this little piece.